We do all in our power to simplify the complex game of craps

Craps IconCraps is a hugely popular table game, played in most, if not all casinos. Due to the nature of the game, craps can appear confusing to new players who don't know their snake eyes from their seven outs. However, once you take the time to learn the game, then you're in for a treat as this is one of the tensest and most exciting casino games out there.

If you've spent any time in a large casino or watched any number of films or TV programs then the chance is you've seen or at least heard people playing craps. With one of the widest range of betting options of any casino games, craps is able to cater for players looking for big and small odds alike.

Not only does craps look confusing but it can also sound confusing as well. It essentially has its own language, with words and phrases such as boxman, come out, crap out and yo eleven being commonplace around a craps table. However, don't be put off, as craps can be both a fast-paced and exciting game. For the shrewd gambler, there are some very sensible bets available as well. A prime example of this is a bet with absolutely no house edge whatsoever – a rarity in any casino!

At, we feel that everyone should enjoy a good game of craps. With this in mind, we'll take you through the rules and strategies that will help you to unlock the enjoyment that can be had by playing craps. You won't be disappointed!

Online Craps

Those who are completely new to the game of craps will be pleased to know that playing craps online is a much simpler and less daunting process. To begin with, making a bet is simply a case of clicking on the corresponding area of the table. Also, there's absolutely no pressure to put your bet on quickly as you're not holding anyone else up.

Online Craps Screenshot Craps at Spin Palace Casino

Another benefit of online craps is that you won't be frowned upon for betting against the shooter. What this means will be explained in the rules section of this guide, but in almost all land based casinos, players who bet against the shooter with 'don't pass bar' bets can expect to receive many a dirty look.

For the more accomplished craps players or those in a hurry, the lack of other players at the table is also a blessing. This is because you're able to place your bet and click roll, without waiting for others to make their minds up.

While online craps could be considered a solitary game, some casinos do offer a multiplayer version of the game and with live dealer games becoming more and more popular, we're sure that you'll soon be able to play craps with a live boxman and dealers – perfect for the more sociable online casino players out there!

Rules of Craps

As you may have gathered, there's quite a lot to be said about the game of craps. So, in the interests of our health and your attention span, we've kept this section as short as possible and only told you about the bets that are actually worth making.

The main objective of craps is to beat the house with a roll of the dice. Most players place their opening bet on the 'pass line' – this is called a pass bet. Then, the shooter (whoever is in charge of rolling the dice, this can be anyone at the table) rolls the dice. The numbers on the dice affect whether you win or lose and the first roll of each shooter is known as a 'come out roll'. Below, you'll find out more information about these different dice rolls.

The come out roll can provide three different results for players who have made a pass bet. As describing these may sometimes be confusing, we've provided a table that shows the result of all the possible die combinations.

  2, 3 or 12 7 or 11 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 or 10
Pass Bet Lose Win Point established

So for example, if a 5 is rolled on the come out roll then this becomes the point number. Players who have bet on the pass line will win if another 5 is rolled. However, in order to make things a little trickier, once the point number has been established then if a 7 is rolled before the point number is repeated, then you lose.

In simpler terms, if you've made the pass bet, then once the point number has been established, then there are two options. These options remain until one of them comes to fruition.

Point Number 7
Win Lose

That is the most common bet that's placed in craps and is also one of the simpler ones to get your head around. Other popular bets are described below:

  • Taking odds can be done on the pass line and the come bet. These bets have absolutely no house edge and are therefore very attractive prospects. However, they can only be made when the pass or come bets have been made.
  • The don't pass bet is, as it sounds, the opposite of the pass bet. Rolling a 7 or 11 will cause you to lose, a 2 or 3 means you win and a 12 is a draw. Once the point is established, then you lose if they the point number is rolled again and win if a 7 is rolled first.
  • The come bet can only be played after the point has been established. The come bet is essentially betting that number which is rolled next will be rolled again before a 7 is. Basically, if the player rolls a 10 on the come out roll, then they win if a 10 is rolled again before a 7.
  • The don't come bet is when players bet that a 7 will be rolled before the point number is. Essentially, both the "Don't Pass" and "Don't Come" bets are just the opposite of their "do" bet counterparts.
  • Place bets are made when you click on any numbers from 4-10 (except 7). They pay out when the number which you have placed is rolled before a 7.

These are just the tip of the iceberg in terms of craps bet as there are plenty more. However, those which we haven't mentioned are probably best left unknown as they carry large house edges and aren't as attractive prospects as the bets above. For example, proposition bets can have house edges are large as 16%, so really aren't worth worth risking your cash on.

Craps Strategy

There are various craps systems on offer for players who are prepared to put the effort in to learn them. However, the most important thing to remember is which bets are bad and which are good. Players in land based casinos can often get caught up in the excitement of the game and start making bad bets. Fortunately this isn't such an issue when playing online, but it's still important to avoid bets with large house edges.

One strategy that has been found to produce fairly consistent wins is the Safe Craps Strategy. Now, like all strategies, the Safe Craps Systems has its negatives, such as the fact that it's not suitable for players looking for quick big wins. However, playing the system properly should mean that you are able to benefit from consistent small wins. Here's how to play the Safe Craps System:

  • Bet on the don't pass line for the come out roll.

Once you've done this, then there's three different outcomes with a 13.9% chance of losing your wager. However, once a point is established then you can't lose.

  • Bet by placing the point once it has been established.

So, if a seven is rolled before the point is then you win your money back and effectively remain even. However, it the point is rolled then you make a small profit. Obviously the size of the profit depends on which number was the point and how much you're betting. So for bigger profits, consider betting bigger!