Mobile Casinos

Mobile casinos are seen as the next step in online gambling. The ability to spin the reels or play a few hands of blackjack on the move has led to a surge of online casinos offering their own mobile versions. Mobile casino games work in very similar ways to online casinos, bar one major difference. This is that rather than downloading a casino lobby, you only download the game that you actually want to play. You can, of course, download as many different games as you like.

While the range of games available on mobile casinos is considerably smaller than the many hundreds offered at online casinos, there's still enough to keep you happy. The most popular casino games are all available with blackjack, baccarat, video poker and roulette all included in various mobile casinos. Of course, we couldn't forget the range of slots on offer with free spins, bonus features and huge progressive jackpots all available on your mobile.

Getting Started at a Mobile Casino

Many people assume that in order to play at a mobile casino you have to be a bit of a technophile. But the truth is that signing up and playing at a mobile casino is really quick and easy - there are usually two ways that you can do this.

The first and more popular method is to sign up through the mobile casino's website. This will usually involve inputting your mobile phone type (iPhone/Android/Other), country of residence, mobile phone number and the game that you want to play. You may also be asked to type in a security code but once this has been done, the game which you've requested will be sent straight to your phone as an application. All that's left to do is log into the casino and start playing.

The other way is to search for the game that you're looking for through your phone's application marketplace. This option may only be available on iPhone/Android devices and offers significantly less choices in terms of casinos and games. Whichever method you choose, it's only ever a matter of minutes before you can be playing your favourite casino games from the palm of your hand.

As hinted earlier, your mobile casino experience can vary slightly depending on what phone you're using. So to make sure you know what to expect, we've provided you with a quick run through of how mobile casinos differ.

Android Casinos

Android application downloads are always increasing with a billion downloads taking place every 60 days. As a result, Android casinos are often the focus of most operators looking towards mobile. This means that almost all mobile casinos and their full range of games are compatible with Android phones, so you'll never be stuck for choice.

Able to support bonus features and provide brilliant graphics, Android casinos are at the very top of the mobile casino market.

iPhone Casinos

Apple has led the way in mobile applications and continues to do well, offering a range of mobile casino options. While not always having the same variety as Android in terms of mobile casinos and games, iPhones are still compatible with a large number of mobile casinos.

When using an iPhone for mobile gambling, we definitely advise that you get the application straight from the casino website, as the app store doesn't include many mobile casinos.

Other Mobile Casinos

While Android and iPhone phones make up the majority of the mobile market, there are still a number of other devices that can be used for casino games. Blackberry casinos are particularly popular and are compatible with many operators.

Many mobile casinos have huge lists of compatible devices that include a number of phones that we haven't even heard of! Therefore the chances are that whatever mobile phone you have, it will be compatible with at least one or two of the mobile casinos featured on this site.